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The Best Books about Sharks

If you love sharks as much as we do, or your children do, I'm sure you'll want to find ways to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Here's a selection of the 5 most informative books we've found about sharks:

1. Super Shark Encyclopedia

This is a 208 page hardcover book with full color images and interesting facts showcasing over 80 shark species as well as other sea creatures. It includes beautifully illustrated anatomical images as well as fascinating facts and statistics about how and what sharks eat.

Did you know that a shark's mouth is so big that a child could stand up in it or that the small horn shark has the strongest bit of any shark?

These are just some of the interesting facts you'll learn about sharks in the Super Shark Encyclopedia along with their mating habits, their preferred diet and their most common habitats.

2. Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide To Everything Shark.

This is the most definitive guide to over 500 known shark species with over 400 incredible color photographs. In the Sharkopedia you'll learn about the evolution of sharks.

In fact, did you know that sharks have been inhabiting the world's oceans since well before the dinosaur age? It's an amazing story of survival!

There's also lots of anatomical information as well as feeding behaviors and how sharks can 'sense' their prey well before they see it. The book also covers shark conservation resources and explains how we can help these amazing creatures continue to survive.

3. The Smithsonian Book Of Sharks.

Another excellent book for school age children which delves into the fascinating world of sharks and covers topics like what they eat, where they prefer to swim, how they bite and what happens when they break or lose a tooth.

But did you know that not all sharks have teeth? 

With beautiful color photographs and interesting and informative text, this book is sure to delight all shark lovers, young and old alike.

4. Amazing Sharks! (I Can Read Level 2).

This book is designed for children from 4 - 8 who are practicing their reading skills. It has easy to read text with hints on pronouncing longer words. Amazing Sharks also features full page color photographs provided by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Some interesting facts found in this book include how sharks find their prey and how they use their senses as well as real life object comparisons to demonstrate the different sizes of shark species.

The sentences are short, clear and informative and it's a great book for you and your child to enjoy reading together.

5. Hark! A Shark!: All About Sharks (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library).

Here's one for younger readers from the Cat in the Hat learning library complete with tongue twisters and twisted sentence structures in true Cat in the Hat style.

The book is filled with beautiful full color illustrations and lots of rhyming text which introduces young readers to the fascinating and sometimes 'scary' world of sharks.

Your children will go on a journey aboard the 'Super-Stupendous Shipshape Shark Spotter' to discover many different species of sharks including angel sharks, hammerheads and whale sharks.

There's also a useful glossary to explain what some of the terms used in the book mean as well as a suggested further reading list. This is a fun and interesting way to introduce your little ones to the world of sharks.

So no matter which book you choose, you're bound to find some interesting and informative facts in each one along with beautiful illustrations and amazing photographs to delight any child.

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