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GoFloats ‘Great White Bite’ Inflatable Shark Tube

If you’re looking for a jawsome float, GoFloats ‘Great White Bite’ inflatable tube is the perfect option. Just imagine sitting on the tube in the lake, telling people to be careful because there is a shark in the water. You can use this inflatable shark tube in rivers, lakes, beaches, or pools. The four-foot wide, 2.5 feet tall shark is perfect for anyone over 12 years of age, up to 500lb.

GoFloats shark tube is durable and easy to inflate and deflate. Within two minutes, the shark is ready to hit the water. We took the inflatable shark tube on the Delaware River for our first adventure. This is the perfect place to test the tube’s durability. It was the first day of Shark Week and the shark tube helped spread the word. The shark tube handled the rapids and rocks without any issue.

The image of the shark on this tube is not a friendly one. The mouth is painted open, showcasing the shark’s sharp teeth. While this shark is harmless, great whites don’t get the same rep in the water. This summer has been busy for sharks, with six incidents in New York alone. In Florida, a fisherman had his pinky bit off while trying to remove the shark from his line. While not everyone likes sharks, they should appreciate and respect these predators. They play an essential role in our oceans and ecosystems.

The GoFloats ‘Great White Bite’ inflatable shark tube is durable and comfortable. I could easily sit on the tube, rest my head against the shark's head, and lift my legs on its tail. We enjoyed the three miles of tubing down the river, and the shark didn't deflate or pop.

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