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Jet Creations 84 inch Inflatable Shark Review

If there is ever a time that you need an 84-inch inflatable shark, Jet Creations has the perfect one for you! The company has been around since the 1970s creating and perfecting its inflatable products. Even celebrities and event planners use Jet Creations Inc products. If you have an animal theme party or want your event to be memorable, try their inflatables. 


We wanted something we could easily take on trails and around upstate New York when looking for an inflatable shark. Instead, we fell in love with an 84inch inflatable shark. This shark is HUGE, but it’s lightweight and easy to carry when deflated. If you have good, strong lungs, you will be able to inflate the shark in minutes. 


Is it durable? 

This 7-foot inflatable shark is very durable! Nibbles the shark, swam down three waterfalls, hiked in the woods, and climbed a fire tower. He might have a few scratches here and there, but no holes yet. 


Can you ride it in the water?

Unforteneltly, it was tough to ride this in the water. Nibbles went to the Delaware River, where we tried to ride him. We flipped over every time. Maybe smaller kids would be able to ride him. 


Is it worth the price? 

Jet Creations Inc's inflatable shark is worth every penny. It is affordable, and you will get many uses out of it. 


When would I use this shark?

You can use the shark for shark theme parties, Shark Week events, school projects, Halloween, as your plus one, photo-op, and more! 

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