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Jet Creations inflatable 24” Sharks Review

Jet Creations inflatable 24” sharks are perfect for outdoor adventures. Nibbles is a giant six-foot inflatable shark, so it’s not always easy to carry him around. We were looking for a smaller version of Nibbles but found these sharks instead. Are they worth the money? Yes!

So far, Nibbles Jr, aka Jet Creations small shark, is perfect for outdoor adventures. This shark is only 2 feet long, is lightweight, and easy to hold and carry. Already, this little shark has been on three adventures.

First, he went to Bear Hill Nature Preserve and did not fly off the cliffs.
His next adventure was walking up the Lenape Steps at Sam’s Point. What are you waiting for if you have not visited these 164 years old steps yet?

Jr's third adventure was the longest and most dangerous for the little shark. He went to Verkeerderkill falls. There are plenty of small brushes here that could easily scratch and pop the small inflatable shark. The trail to the waterfall is also narrow and rocky, and any wrong move can have you flying on your face.

Overall, the price and quality of the small inflatable sharks by Jet Creations are perfect. In the package, you get four sharks. They are all the same size, shape, and color. These sharks could be great for shark-themed parties. You can also easily use them to create the perfect Sharknado.

Can you use these sharks as floaties in the pool? These inflatable sharks are small and are not ideal for being used as floaties. You can place them in the pool so kids and adults can hold on to them. We have not tested them in the water yet. Once summer comes, these inflatable sharks will have even more wild adventures and product testing from us.

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