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Our Guide to Hosting a Kids Shark Party

Are you thinking about having a shark party?

Hosting parties is great and kids parties are even better! When a kid wants an underwater, or ocean themed party, why not suggest a shark theme.

These creatures of the deep are full of fun facts but for kids they create a certain effect of daring and courage when it involves impressive creatures like the great white shark.

From sharp teeth and black eyes, to being the best predator of the party. A shark party is a must as the weather gets warmer and parties are moving outside. Here are fun ideas to help you throw a shark party!

Shark Food and more

What is a party without food? The thing everyone looks forward to, and kids demolish in seconds, can easily be one of the most time consuming parts of planning a party. But, easy solutions are here!

Taking a bite out of the party planning, fun fruit flavored snacks can carry your little guests over until a bigger meal later. Cupcakes with candy corn shark teeth and grey frosting are a finishing treat, but all of the middle!

Hushpuppies and fish sticks can feed your hungry great whites. With fish shaped chicken nuggets for the picky eaters. The best thing about this menu is everything is heated from frozen to ready to eat.


Making Characters and Building Games

What is a shark party without characters to show up? Full body, adult costumes can bring in tiger sharks and the mighty bad guy of Jaws to your living room. Dress up the kids as guppies and the tables as jellies for “safe zones” and play a ruthless game of Don’t Get Eaten! Kids can build coral reefs of Fruity Pebble “Rice Crispy” Treats.

Take advantage of summer heat for a water balloon version of dodgeball. Sharks versus fisherman! Sharks can distinguish themselves with a cheap and fun Shark Fin Costume. While fisherman take on fishing hats.


For the Birthday boy or girl

What is a theme but a giant hint at what to get the celebrating kid? A shark party wouldn’t be fully complete without the shark themed gifts to go along with it! These are easy to find and shark lovers everywhere flock to amazon!

Lego City Great Vehicles Fishing Boat and Dr. Seuss’ Hark a Shark are only the tip of the iceberg for what you can wrap up for the celebrating shark.


Party Favors and Goodie Bags

Fun bags to take home are what every kid looks forward to at the end of a party. Shark parties are no different. Now, how do you throw a shark party while still having fun, themed items for the kids to take home?

Let them take a bit of the ocean home in the form of shark gummy candies. Neatly folded shark and fish kites will keep them entertained too! Don’t forget the small assortment of figures safe for kids and having a variety of sharks spanning past the typical impression. Not just all teeth and black eyes, soft plush key chains can accompany them everywhere.

Happy Shark Party planning! I hope you have found many helpful tips on how to make your shark party amazing.

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