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Our Top Shark Movies

Our favourite shark movies include Jaws, which was directed by Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg. In this film, a seaside community finds itself constantly under attack by a deadly great white shark.

The town's police chief combines forces with a marine biologist and a seasoned shark hunter as they start a mission to kill the monster before it can strike again. The first time the shark attacked, a girl went swimming in the moonlight and was dragged underwater, kicking and screaming.

Even though evidence confirms it was a shark attack, the town mayor doesn’t want tourists to be scared away and orders the beaches to be kept open. 

What follows is very predictable as Jaws continues the reign of terror. During a town meeting, shark hunter Quint interrupts proceedings and offers to help in eliminating the threat, for a fee of course. Meanwhile, the police chief pores through books about sharks trying to find a solution to the menace. An oceanographer is hired to provide advice and provide useful information.

After the killer shark features on the television news, authorities offer a three-thousand-dollar bounty. Reckless fortune hunters descend on Amity as the movie gathers momentum.

Sharkwater is another popular shark movie and for filmmaker Rob Stewart, exploring sharks started as an underwater adventure. It led to a beautiful but dangerous journey in life on planet earth. His get his passion from his preoccupation with sharks.

While Jaws depicted sharks as savage, man-eating monsters, this film uncovers the real picture. Sharks play a vital role in the ocean, and the film does an excellent job of revealing this fact.

It was shot in stunning HD video, and the documentary takes a journey into oceans of the planet that are highly populated with sharks. It exposes the corruption and exploitation that surrounds shark populations across the globe. Stewart's journey is one of bravery and determination as it turns from a campaign to save sharks, into one that will determine the fate of humanity.

Footage of sharks in their natural elements provides a stunning view of their world, and you will have a better understanding of these magnificent creatures after watching this film. 

Our favourite shark movies conclude with Shark Week: 25th Anniversary. It is a collection of some of the best episodes since the series premiered in 1988. Tom Golden created this annual, week-long television programming block.

It is hosted on the Discovery Channel, and it provides shark-based programming. Originally, the series focused on conservation effort as well as correcting stereotypes about sharks.

In due course, it became very popular and established itself as a must-see TV program. 

The show broadcasts in more than 72 countries, and it reveals the intelligence and predatory instincts of sharks. You can learn about sharks when you watch the series, including how to protect yourself from a shark attack.

The series also features jaw-dropping videos, and the 25th-anniversary collection will provide some of the best highlights. It features four episodes including Blood in the Water, Great White Shark: Uncaged, Mythbusters: Shark Special and Ultimate Air Jaws.

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