Shark Tooth Necklace Bundle - 10 Fossils

Accessorize with the Fierce Charm of Shark Teeth: Get Your Hands on These 10 Fossils in One Bundle!

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Our Shark Tooth Necklace Bundle includes 10 authentic fossils of various shark teeth, making for a unique and eye-catching accessory. Each tooth is hand-selected and polished to showcase its natural beauty, making this bundle the perfect addition to any shark lover's collection.

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Additional Product Details

  • Genuine shark teeth dating back to 65 million years
  • Unique patterns and colors with small chips or breaks
  • Perfect addition to any fossil collection or gift for collectors
  • Bulk quantity for crafting various types of jewelry
  • Ten shark tooth necklaces suitable for kids, women and men
  • Randomly selected teeth varying in size, some bigger or smaller

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