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Some of our Favorite Sharks

We all have favorites! Here is a quick list of the favorite sharks of the We Love Sharks editorial team.

1. Bull Shark

This shark has a stocky built and possesses a very aggressive behaviour. They can survive in both fresh water and seawater. These sharks breed during the summer and can produce 13 off springs.

2. Great White Shark

You can find this shark in coastal regions with water temperatures ranging between 54-74 degrees Fahrenheit. The great white shark attacks everything that is in the way. It can grow to about 13-16 ft.

3. Tiger Shark

You can typically find these sharks in tropical and sub-tropical waters. When these sharks are young, they display black stripes on their backs. However, these stripes disappear as the shark grows. Their usual colour is bluish green.

4. Oceanic Whitetip Shark

You can find this shark in deep waters all over the world. They have larger and rounder pectoral fins that distinguish them from the other shark species. This shark feeds by swimming through a school of fish.

5. Shortfin Mako

This shark is just one of the four warm-blooded sharks. This characteristic helps increase their speed, which can reach up to 46mph. These sharks are also high jumpers and can jump as high as 28 ft. in the air.

6. Blacktip Reef Shark

You can find this shark around warm shallow waters and coral reefs. This shark got its name from its fin that has a black tip. This shark is not aggressive but it will attack if provoked.

7. Sandtiger Shark

The sandtiger shark is an endangered species this is because of the phenomenon known as intrauterine cannibalism. The baby sharks eat each other while still in the womb. This is the reason why this shark only produces one or two off springs.

8. Hammerhead Shark

These sharks are aggressive predators. You can usually find these sharks near the coastlines. There are nine species of hammerhead sharks, out of the nine, the he scalloped, the great, and smooth hammerheads are three of the most dangerous hammerhead sharks.

9. Blue Shark

Blue sharks usually attack small fishing boats and divers. Anglers are the most common fatalities of blue shark attacks.

10. Lemon Shark

The subtropical and tropical parts of the Atlantic coast of North and South America are the common locations of lemon sharks. Lemon sharks are only aggressive during the mating season. These sharks survive well in captivity.


Now it's your turn.. What are your favorite sharks?

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