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Swarovski Shark Ornament with Two Shark Wine Glasses! Rhodium Montana

Price: $104.95

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Set Includes :

Wine Glass

Glassware Type :

Wine Glass



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Type :

Wine Glass

Capacity :

650 mL

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What the Seller Says

Introducing the Original Swarovski Shark Ornament with Two Shark Wine Glasses in Beautiful LED Enhanced Gift Box™! - FREE SHIPPING - IN STOCK NOW - SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURSIncluded in this luxury gift box: 2 - The Shark Wine Glasses™1- SWAROVSKI Shark Ornament - Rhodium Montana - $100 value alone1 - Beautiful LED Enhanced Gift Box Adventure awaits with every sip. What appears at first to be an ordinary wine glass becomes more dangerous as a fin suddenly appears…followed by a torso. Then the menacing jaw! Fortunately for the drinker, this shark is docile – although mighty thirsty! He prefers red seas of wine but enjoys blush and white seas as well. The sparkling handcrafted lead-free crystal The Shark Wine Glass™ is built to withstand multiple attacks from the drinker. Handle with care, or the shark may bite! Handcrafted lead-free crystal The Shark Wine Glass™ is hand-wash only. As each glass is hand made, each one is special and may not look identical to the others ones. Slight variances may exist. The Rhodium Montana version is in stock and ships today! I am the only authorized manufacturer dealer in the US allowed to sell this design of The Shark Wine Glass™ as it is patented! Order now from the #1 seller of The Shark Wine Glass™! Order one or more and receive free domestic USPS priority mail shipping.You can upgrade and pay for Next Day USPS Priority Mail Express Shipping which will be an option at Checkout. Specifications:The Shark Wine Glasses™Elegant and similar to a Riedel Quality Wine GlassSize: Approximately as they are all handblown and hand crafted - 24cm (9.5") height x 10cm (4") round at the widest. 7cm (2.75") opening at the top and 8cm (3") round at the base.Capacity: approximately 22 ounces (650ml) Return and Damaged Shipment Policy:We offer 3 day returns on damaged product.If unfortunately your glass is broken, scratched or damaged upon arrival send us pictures of the product, packing slip and packaging within 3 days of delivery and we will issue a refund or a replacement. Check out are Official pages at and The Shark Wine Glass™ and The Stemless Shark Wine Glass™ are divisions of Glass House Glassware™.

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