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*THE BEST* Fossil Shark Tooth Dig Material Teeth Megalodon Tiger Bull Necklace

Price: $ 23.99

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United States

What the Seller Says

Why Is Your Fossil Material The Best? My fossil material is the best because my material contains THE MOST shark teeth compared to anyone else. Just look at the pictures! The box is loaded with shark teeth! What Will I Receive?You will receive a USPS small flat rate box FILLED to the top with shark tooth material. This is about 3.1 pounds (1.41 kg) of fossil material. What Can I Find?You will find DOZENS of fossilized shark teeth!You will also find fossilized coral, shells, shark vertebrae, stingray mouth plates (teeth), fish teeth, fossilized shark and fish poop, small micro fossils and much more!You can find...-Megalodon Shark Teeth-Tiger Shark Teeth-Mako Shark Teeth-Snaggletooth shark teeth -Carcharhinus teeth (Bull, Hammerhead, Silky, Reef, Dusky, Sand Tiger)-Tons of others! Some are broken while others are complete. I throw in dozens of shark teeth I've found over the years to make sure you get the best fossil hunting experience ever! Kids love these! Ships from USA

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